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 Artist and member Delma Tayer

We are a local volunteer-based nonprofit organization that empowers members to continue living at home. Our goal is to improve the experience of aging by creating programs, friendships and services that support independence and connection to the community.


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Yakima & Selah Neighbors' Network October Donor Match

Published on 10/17/2019

Yakima and Selah Neighbors' Network announces donor match of up to $10,000 this month

The Yakima and Selah Neighbors' Network, a non-profit focused on helping seniors feel connected to the community, has announced that two families will match donations of up to $10,000 this month.

The volunteer-based membership organization serves as a support system for older people in the community and helps them stay independent. Membership includes access to resources, such as transportation, grocery trips and light housekeeping. 

Chrissy Schott, the organization's program manager, said any amount will help their organization grow and continue to serve its members and the community.

The organization welcomes anyone 50 years and older to join as a member. Schott said they hope the organization can be inter generational, and include a wide age range of volunteers as the organization continues to grow. 

The group currently has 47 new members and about 50 new volunteers. 

"It's really just another piece of the puzzle or tool in your toolkit as you age to just really remain independent as long as you can at home," said Schott. 

Schott said the organization not only works to help keep older adults living in their homes longer, but also serves as a social support network. The group has regular events and meetups to keep its members feeling engaged in the community.


We appreciate our business sponsors and the grants we have received.

Yakima and Selah Neighbors' Network
PO Box 11691 Yakima, WA 98909

Yakima & Selah Neighbors' Network is a part of the national village movement | YSNN is recognized as tax-exempt under section 501 C (3) of the us internal revenue code. villages are not places but carefully planned networks | to learn more visit the village-to-village network website: