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Artist: Delma Tayer-YSNN Founding Member
We are a local, volunteer-based, non-profit organization founded to empower members of our community to continue living in our homes, where we want to be as we age. Our mission is to provide services to promote the independence of older individuals in our community by creating a network with resources to keep us confident at home and connected to community.

DOT Feb.
mike and peggy potluck
YSNN Zoom Talks Archive Videos:
YSNN Zoom Talks - 6/17/2020
Lucianne Phillips: What have we Learned from COVID19 about disaster preparedness and being more resilient?

YSNN Zoom Talk 7/1 Biology of Covid-19
The Biology of COVID19- Claire Carpenter teaches
Biology at Yakima Valley College.

YSNN Zoom Talk 7/8 Bird Songs

Yakima Yard Birds, their Calls and Songs with Andy Stepniewski.

DR. MARIA VERDUZCO from Central WA Family Medicine

YSNN Zoom Talk 7/22/2020
Evolving Fibers and Forms:  Deborah Ann talks about her art and process.

YSNN Zoom Talk 8/5 John Baule
John Baule; The History of Central Washington State Fair

YSNN Zoom Talk 8/12 Orgins of Bipedalism
Eric Anderson-Anthropology Instructor of Yakima Valley College- "Orgins of Bipedalism: Locomotion on two legs- how did it happen?"

YSNN Zoom Talk 8/19 Culinary Herbs
Claudia Steen- Master Gardener, Culinary Herbs

YSNN Zoom Talk 9/2 Cragg Gilbert PART ONE
YSNN Zoom Talk Cragg Gilbert 9/2 PART TWO
Cragg Gilbert “Why Central Washington is a good investment: 
Yakima history from 17 million BC to today.

YSNN Zoom Talk 9/23 Claudia Steen-Growing Berries
Growing Berries with Master Gardner Claudia Steen
YSNN Zoom Talks- 9/30 David James-Monarch Butterfly
David James, Entomologist and Associate Professor at WSU Prosser will present "The Plight o the Monarch: How we can all help to bring the monarch butterfly back from the edge"

YSNN Balance Class on zoom:
*Basic level balance class. By email invitation. This class is not recommended for anyone who depends on a walker or a cane for balance, or is experiencing vertigo or dizziness. All of us should go at our own pace, and gradually build up to the repetitions that help us improve our balance, pushing ourselves to gain strength, but respecting our limits. All participants should modify the exercises to meet their needs and abilities.

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The Videos below are examples of the model that inspired our local Yakima and Selah Neigbors’ Network.

Contact Us
Yakima and Selah Neighbors’ Network
PO Box 11691, Yakima, WA 98909

Office message phone: 
(509) 853-1917